Windows Server 2019 ransomware protection

The Windows server 2019 comes with built in protection against ransomware attacks. Windows defender (Windows security) now has anti ransomware protection – detection and blocking ransomware attacks , with restore files and datas in case of a ransomware attack.

By default all the windows system folders and files are enabled for ransomware protection. You can add your custom data folders to enable ransomware protection. Windows will  deny any unfriendly app that change files in those folder or will give limited / controlled folder access. You can manually add trusted softwares to a whitelist.  This will protect all your files and folder from modifications and encrypting by any other applications that are not whitelisted manually.

Windows Server 2019 ransomware protection

You can turn on this Windows server 2019 ransomware protection by opening “Start menu” – “Virus & threat protection” and scroll down for “Ransomware protection”. Add all your critical date folders for enabling this feature.

Source : Microsoft


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