Windows Server 2019 Bare metal Backup and Recovery

The all new Microsoft Windows Server 2019 having a built-in backup and recovery utility just like all the previous windows server versions. This backup utility can be used to perform back up of files and folders in the server and also the entire server image backup. Windows server 2019 bare metal backup can be scheduled to store backup copy locally attached media or an accessible folder path over the network. This article explains about the Windows server 2019 image backup and recovery

Windows server 2019 bare metal backup

Bare metal backup is an OS image level backup that includes everything related to operating system – the system state, boot files, entire local drives, registry, page files, application files etc. If your server is a Domain controller, the the bare metal back will contain AD NTDS database, registry, SYSVOL folder, etc. All these backed up datas can be restored wihin minutes (depends on the data size and hardware performance). Can save lot more of time , No need to instal a new server and installing several application backups one by one. Follow the steps below for installing backup role in server 2019.

Install Windows server backup feature/role in server 2019

Open “Server manager” -> “Add roles and features” -> navigate to features -> and install “windows server backup” -> Finish.

install server backup in windows server 2019

Now configure & schedule server backup

  1.  Go to “Server manager” then “tools” then open “Windows server backup”
  2. Click on ‘schedule backup” and choose full server backup OR atleast complete C drive with “bare metal recovery”, “system state” , and “system reserved”.
  3. choose a destination for storing the backup – that can be an other volumes on the server , a network folder path or even an external HDD attached to the server.

windows server 2019 bare metal backup

Schedule the backup to everyday overnight.

Windows server 2019 bare metal recovery

Restoring the backup is easy as the backup operation. This can be performed within minutes and even on a new server hardware with ease. Within minutes your production server will be up and running. imagine you have a hard drive crash or a RAID failure in the server. you put the replacement drives, configuring RAID,  and made the server up. follow the steps below.

Make sure you have given same or bigger storage space on the physical server you gonna perform the restore. the restore operation will create logical volumes and partitioning.

  1. Connect the Drive that contains backup files to the server.
  2. Boot from the “server 2019 media” and choose “Repair your computer” option.

Repair Windows server 2019

Click on “troubleshoot” -> “System Image Recovery”

Windows server 2019 image bare metal recovery

windows server 2019 system image restore

server 2019 bare metal image restore

Your server will restart automatically after succeeding the windows server 2019 os image restore.

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