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[UPDATED] Yesterday (21 Jan 2015) WhatsApp introduced a new way to chat with your friends from your desktop’s web browser. “WhatsApp Web” is the new concept which is a web client where you can use WhatsApp seamlessly from any desktops and laptop computers (and it is still under development  Update: Now it’s fully functional ). The new service allows you to load your WhatsApp account/profile on a browser with the help of a QR Code, and access all your contacts, shared media files like images, voice clips, videos on the web browser and chat to friends as if you are on your phone.

How to Access WhatsApp Web

For using the WhatsApp Web you should update your android to the latest version. Today 22nd Jan 2015 WhatsApp released a new version 2.11.498 with an additional option to scan the QR code from your smartphone. After updating the WhatsApp, wait for couple of minutes and open the menu and a new option will appear called “WhatsApp Web”. Open it to start a QR code scanner that allows you to scan the QR code displaying on the Web browser.WhatsApp Web QR code scanner

Now open Chrome browser on your computer and goto WhatsApp Web and scan the QR Code with WhatsApp mobile Application. You are done. Your entire WhatsApp chat logs, contacts, media files can be accessed from the web browser now.WhatsApp Web

Many of us already have installed the WhatsApp on PCs and Macs through other third party apps like BlueStacks, Android VM, etc. But this service will definitely replace all those for sure, i hope..

But currently Web client says its only available for Android, Windows Phone , Nokia S60 and Blackberry (including BB 10). Unfortunately iOS devise users cannot access the WhatsApp Web, and it is still under development.

Security Tip : When you forgot to logout WhatsApp web, Forcefully logout from your mobile device.

Access the WhatsApp Web here


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