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Microsoft just announced their next version of Windows multi device operating system called “Windows 10″. As you think Microsoft skipped the Windows “9” version after version 8.1 and directly went to version 10.  Microsoft not yet released it officially, but the Windows 10 Technical preview is available for download from the Microsoft website for testing purposes for developers. You can download the ISO file and try installing in a machine or in a virtual environment like Virtualbox.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

As per the Technical preview version which i tried, the traditional windows Start menu is back in Windows 10, now with live tiles in start menu with all programs menu as old. But the cool thing is we can resize or stretch the start menu. Hope Microsoft understands how much we love the Start menu. Another cool feature is improved multitasking user interface using Multiple Desktops like we use in Apple OS X computers . Windows 10 also will be a touch enabled operating system like Windows 8 and Windows 7. As i specified Windows 10 will be a multi device operating system, that means it can run on a PC, Tablet, Smartphones and other embedded devices like XBOX gaming, etc.

The Windows 10 is having a Notification centre, which will display notifications from outlook, calendar, skype, and will display notifications from non-windows applications as well. A Battery saver Application which will display the battery status, consumption in detail and allow to optimise performance for better battery backup time. New Data monitor application will monitor and display the data traffic over wifi, ethernet and over cellular network.

Windows 10Another cool thing is Windows 10 have two different app UI that work with touch input hardwares and non-touch hardware like keyboard and mouse, if you use don’t have touch screen and use a keyboard and mouse setup, then the app interface will be without some sort of normal window. And if you have a touch  input setup like touch screen, then the app windows will be more touch specific and touch UI will active. Feel like there is a lot of fun when it run on a touch enabled device like a tablet computer or a windows smartphone. Switching between the windows and multi desktop is other interesting cool stuffs.

Rumours: The official Windows 10 launch may be in mid 2015, Lets hope for the best…..

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