How to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 using Command

Ubuntu system can be upgraded to latest release using the “do-release-upgrade” command. The command works on server and desktop versions on Ubuntu. You can follow this article for upgrading from Ubuntu 18.04 or from Ubuntu 16.04, etc. Always backup your server before performing a release upgrade. Follow the step by step guide to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 using command line. This command will only work after releasing the Ubuntu 19.04. As of today (17 apr 2019) this version isn’t released by Ubuntu.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 using Command line

Step: 1 Get all the available package details
[email protected]~# sudo apt update

Step: 2 Upgrade all the installed package to latest version
[email protected]~# sudo apt upgrade

Step 3: Upgrade your ubuntu release (OS) to latest version.
[email protected]~# sudo do-release-upgrade

Done. You have now upgraded your Ubuntu release.



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