How to update Moto G to Android Lollipop

Moto G LollipopBy defeating the Google Nexus devices, The Moto G (unlocked version, 2014 model) will get the latest Android lollipop update before any other android smartphones. If you have a second generation Moto G smartphone, you can update Moto G to Android Lollipop right now and taste the Lollipop sweetness. Moto G also get all the latest data security features that comes with Android Lollipop.  All the carrier locked versions bought from Verizon, AT&T, etc and first generation Moto G (2013 model) will get the update later.  Some other smartphone manufactures also started developing their customized Android lollipop update. Its a 386 MB update over the air (F.O.T.A) over cellular or WiFi internet connections.

Moto G is a power packed Android smartphone from Motorola. Boasts a 5 inched HD IPS display, quad core 1.2Ghz cortex A7, Adreno 305 GPU, 1GB Memory, 8MP Camera, etc. Congrats to Moto G engineers to completing the super fast Lollipop upgrade project before any other manufactures. SAMSUNG, LG and SONY already started customising the Lollipop and make it available to their smartphones pretty soon.

Source: Motorola

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