Ubuntu boots to black screen with blinking cursor

You may get a black screen with blinking curser when trying to install Ubuntu server or desktop verion in your system or server. And the problem will be with your installation media. Installation media can be a bootable USB stick or a CD/DVD disc. You have to check the integrity of the media to make sure it burned properly to install your favorite Ubuntu operating system. Or if you are installing the ubuntu from a .iso image in a virtual environment like vmware, HyperV, etc you should check the MD5 checksum of the iso images.

Ubuntu boots to black screen with blinking cursor

Now start checking the integrity of Ubuntu CD or DVD installation media. Insert the CD/DVD media into any system (any laptop, PCs or servers) and follow the steps below

While booting the Ubuntu media, from the main menu, select “Check CD for Defects” OR “Check disc for defects”

Ubuntu boots to black screen with blinking cursor

Now Ubuntu will test the integrity of the installation media

ubuntu media integrity test

Wait for couple of minutes, as Ubuntu will check all the files in the CD or the ISO file.

ubuntu media integrity success

If you are not getting the above integrity test success message. The problem will be with your Installation media. The ISO image may currupted or the CD having non readable sectors. Start downloading a new ISO and burn CD.


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