How to set up iCloud email on android smartphones

Android’s built in email application can support apple’s iCloud email accounts to get emails on android smartphones. Hope everyone having their android devices already configured (automatically) with your gmail account. Even you can add your iCloud email along with your gmail account.

Set-up iCloud email on Android

As you know adding a gmail email account is pretty simple and automated process in any of the Android devices. But set up icloud email on android will take little effort as you need to configure it manually. (Android started configuring icloud email accounts automatically these days). You have to manually add the incoming and outgoing email servers, its port numbers, security settings, blah blah blah…

iCloud email settings Androidset up icloud email on android

First open your email application on your android smartphone, and when ask input the following details

  • Email address must be your full email address
  • password is your icloud account password
  • Choose IMAP as type of email account

Incoming server settings

  • Username must be your full email address
  • type the correct password
  • IMAP server : up icloud email on android
  • Port number : 993
  • Security type : SSL/TLS

Outgoing server settings

  • SMTP server :
  • Port number : 587
  • Security type : STARTTLS
  • Tick the checkbox “Require sign-in

The above configurations are enough to set up icloud email on android smartphones.

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