Free and Easy Remote desktop to Mac from Windows, Linux, etc

Remote desktop is accessing and controlling a computer located far from you. Its mostly used by system administrators to give technical support for the users. There are many ways to control your mac from mac and all the other platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, etc. You can find many free and paid premium apps from the App store and in the internet. I’m not talkin about the softwares like Teamviewer, LogMeIn, etc. Here you learn about a builtin functionality to do a Remote desktop to Mac.

Remote desktop to Mac

Remote desktop to MacFollow the step by step guide to enable remote desktop to mac. And then connect to mac remotely with VNC viewer from your Windows PC, Linux, Android, etc.

  1. Go to “System preferences” > “Sharing” and then tick the checkbox “Screen Sharing”
  2. Open “Computer settings” on the same window and set a VNC password.
  3. Add a User or a Group to enable remote desktop access (In the same window)
  4. Go to “System preferences” > “Security and Privacy” and turn off the Firewall.
  5. Go to and download VNC viewer for your client platform (Windows, Linux, etc) to connect remote desktop to Mac
  6. Open VNC viewer and input Mac’s ip address or hostname to access; and type the password which you set in step #2VNC to Mac
  7. Now you are connected to Mac via Remote desktop.
  8. Now login to VNC enabled users with that Mac user password
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