Reducing WiFi range in D-Link wireless routers

Reducing WiFi coverage is a better option to avoid the interference . Interference can be between your WiFi router/Access point and with other wireless devices. Limiting WiFi signal strength also to limit the coverage area. Many of the basic and high end WiFi routers comes with options to adjust the signal strength manually by the user.

Here this article goes through a D-Link WiFi router (DSL-2750U) which is a basic home WiFi router. The configurations will be same to other D-Link WiFi routers.

Reduce WiFi range in D-Link routers

  1. First open the access point/router configuration page. If you are not changed the default ip address, access it here )
  2. Navigate to “Wireless” -> “Advanced”
  3. And in the “Transmit Power” field, select the wireless signal strength in percentage.

reduce wifi range

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