Recover data after accidental format with 100% success rate

Accidentally formatted your USB pen drive or memory card or hard disk? Don’t worry its 100% possible to recover your important files and data after accidental format. Recover your deleted photos, images, videos, emails, mp3 music files, documents and many more after deleting from the Recycle bin too. The data recovery success rate will improve when you not made any changes in to the usb drive/memory card/hard disk.  Lets try a free data recovery software which i used and tested with 100% success rate.

There are lots of free and paid data recovery applications in the market and internet. And half of them are good and others are not much efficient in data recovery.

How to improve data recovery success rate?

As per my experience, you will get all the files back with 100% success rate after a single format on your pen drive or memory card or a hard disk. The term accidental means you formatted the drive just before and after format you didn’t do anything(putting files again or doing a 2nd format). The recovery rate always improve in above conditions.

Recover data after accidental format using Recuva

Recuva is a free data recovery application from Piriform developers. Yes from the developers of CCleaner. Recuva is best when you recover data after accidental format. Recuva can undelete the deleted files from your computers. It can recover photos deleted from Camera memory cards, also recover RAW image files. Music files deleted from iTunes, etc. Recuva can scan damaged storages like a damaged unreadable memory cards, usb flash drives, etc. Recuva. Sometimes you may see your pen drive became empty one day. Then Recuva is the free solution.

Lets start the data recoveryrecover data after format

First download the Recuva free data recovery software from their official website. And follow the three steps.

Download and install Recuva. Its a light power packed application that install within 10 seconds. After Install , open it and select the type of files you need to recover. If you are looking for images only, the select “Pictures”. Otherwise select “Other” this option will list all the recoverable files from the disk or memory card. Now click next and “Browse” the location you need to search and scan. Select the USB drive to scan and recover from USB drive only. Now enable “Deep Scan” which will take more time to complete the scan and recovery process. The time taking to complete the scan will depends on the size of disk you can. But the Deep scan will improve the data recovery rate. Now start the Scan.

From the scan results, select the file you looking for and save to a safe place. Hope you got the files you looking for…

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