How to record videos using Macbook built-in HD Camera

Every Macbooks and iMacs are loaded with a FaceTime HD camera as a web cam placed just above the display. You can use this Camera to create a video of your family together more comfortably than a smartphone. See it in the big screen while recording will really come in handy. I mostly use my Macbook Pro’s FaceTime HD camera to connect to my friends and family through Skype and Facebook.

About iMac/MacBook Camera

It is a great HD camera capable of capturing images with 1080×720 pixels resolution and record video using macbook camera. As you can see FaceTime cameras on Macs are very bright, sharp and vivid colours in producing HD videos and pictures. Its always better than web cams on other Laptops with couple of mega pixels these days.

How to record Movies on your Mac

You dont need to download or purchase any applications to create videos in your Mac. Apple’s QuickTime Player is in-built in every OS X running Macs that capable of recording videos using macbook camera. QuickTime can record 1280×720 pixel HD resolution movies with audio and can make some edit works like trimming, rotating, etc. Follow the guide to start recording your own movie.

Do you know Apple QuickTime can record screen and create a screencast video. You can read the guide to create screencast videos using QuickTime player.

  1. First open QuickTime Player from “Launchpad” (can be found on the Other folder in Launchpad), or find it from Applications folder or via Spotlight search.record video using macbook camera
  2. Clicking the QuickTime player icon will not open any windows. Navigate to File > New movie recording to open the movie recording functionality.record video using macbook camera
  3. Start recording by clicking the red recording button and a green light will appear near the FaceTime camera.
  4. You can see the video file size increasing on right side on the recording front control panel. File > Share to directly upload the created video on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker or email to your friends and family.
  5. Click File > Save to Save the recorded movie as .MOV format.

Video/Audio Format Info

QuickTime video recordingThe QuickTime recorded video format will be a .MOV file H264 video format. With 44100 Hz AAC stereo audio coding.


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