Permanently delete files from your Android memory card

Today lets talk about Permanent erase contents from memory cards. When you delete your files from memory card in your android or windows phone, it not actually wiping from the card. It generally deleting the address tables of the particular files. And its possible to scan and retrieve those files with the help of a data recovery application easily. If you need to permanently delete files from memory card, then you should over write the the file which you need to delete with some other files. That will work actually. Secure formatting/permanently delete files from memory card means, it simply format it first and then write a dummy file into the card/pen drive. If your memory card capacity is 16gb, then 16gb of dummy files generate and copy to the pen drive or memory card. It will actually over write all the existing old files and folders and make the memory card unrecoverable. Lets start the permanent deleting process…

Permanently delete files from memory card

Permanently delete a single file or a bunch of files is possible with file shredding apps that available for Android operating systems. “Secure Delete” is one of the apps that i’m using and its best and simple in my use. It can permanently delete files from memory card. Simply select the file from file browser and delete it through Secure delete application Videos, photos, documents, PDFs, or what ever. Secure delete is now compatible up to Android KitKat.

How to Secure Delete files in Android

First go to Android Play store and search for “Secure delete” and install the App. (1.29MB App)

After installing , open up the Application and select SDCard to show the files and folders in your SD Card.permanently delete files from memory card

Select your file which you need to delete permenently or select multiple files and click “Secure delete”

Type “yes” to proceed to permanently delete files from memory card

It May take couple of minutes to complete the process. As i mentioned above, This app delete the files first and over write some dummy files to the location of deleted files..

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