Managed vs Unmanaged VPS hosting – A comparison with Pros and cons

Managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting. Which will win ? I hope you are thinking about moving from shared to VPS hosting. or simply starting your web hosting from a powerful VPS hosting. Actually VPS hosting is a stepping stone from your journey from a shared hosting to a Dedicated server web hosting. Dedicated hosting is the final word in the web hosting industry as you will get an entire physical server and all its resourses. Powerful isn’t it ?

What is VPS hosting

As you know VPS web hosting is simply taking one physical server and spliting it into several pieces. And all that pieces are called a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Technically VPS hosting is also a kind of shared web hosting. But here in VPS you will get guaranteed server hardware resources like CPU, Memory, Hard disk space, etc. Also in shared you will get all those resources, but not guaranteed. Sometimes your website will get no CPU or no Memory if any of the other websites in same server use all the CPU or memory. Normally that will not going to happen because the webhosting companies use algorithms in monitoring the resource usage and allocation of them.

Managed vs unmanaged VPS hostingIn VPS technology hosting companies use virtualization technologies in creating VPS server instances. All the VPS are allocated with certain amount of hardware resources from the physical server. Say you can create custom VPS with 2GB  memory, 2 CPU cores and 50GB HDD space. And all that resources are dedicated for you. You are not sharing that hardware with anyone in sthat server.

Each VPS can run with its own user selected opetaing systems (Linux flavours or Windows) and with lots more custom applications (Apache, IIS, WordPress, Drupal, MySQL, etc). You can easily host multiple websites and blogs with big traffic in a single VPS. Go through the detailed Managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting comparison below.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  • Get full root access and customisations over your server.
  • Get a complete individual server with its guaranteed and dedicated hardwares
  • guaranteed server hardware resources like CPU, RAM, Disk, etc
  • Can customize and design VPS hardwares with your needs
  • Costs bit more than a standard shared hosting and far less cost compared to Dedicated hostings
  • Easy control with Cpanel(Linux hosts) and Parallels Plesk (Windows hosts) Control panels
  • Full control – Shutdown, start, reboot your own VPS whenever you wish

Disadvantages of VPS Web Hosting

  • You get guaranteed resources, but still sharing one physical server with few peoples.

Now lets come to the point..

What is Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting OR unmanaged VPS hosting ? The answer is always and always depending on your server management skill. In managed hosting, installation and configuration VPS server and its applications are performed by you via a simplified control panel. In managed hosting hosting company will do all troubleshooting tasks by their technical support team. You just think about the website management. Posting articles, uploading pictures, putting themes, optimising SEO, blah blah blah… If you are not comfortable to manage a server operating systems and managing installed applications, Managed VPS must be your choice.

Advantages of Managed Web Hosting

  1. Risk free VPS Web hosting for all non skilled bloggers and web masters
  2. 24×7 technical support for OS level and Application level
  3. Get a free control panel for easy administration
  4. Hosting company will monitor VPS web hosting server
  5. Your VPS web hosting server will get all the network level security of Hosting company level
  6. Free firewall, network security, vulnerability scans, DDos attack blocking, etc
  7. Free and automated OS level and Application level kernel updates and upgrades
  8. Free WordPress or other CMS updates all automated.
  9. Get full root access to VPS server.
  10. Get paid or free website migration from hosting
  11. Free or paid Automated Backups of Website files, database, Operating system, etc.
  12. Install and use any of your custom applications
  13. Get optimised operating systems and applications preinstalled.
  14. Get free and timely alerts on hardware resource usage and other critical messages.

Disadvantages of Managed web hosting

  1. Much more costlier than unmanaged hosting

You can get a base level managed VPS web hosting plan with $40- $60 a month.

What is Unmanaged VPS Web Hosting

Hosting a website in unmanaged VPS server is a full skill oriented job. Only an IT pro or a very skilled persons can go with unmanaged VPS web hosting. In unmanaged VPS hosting, deploying a VPS is the only responsibility of the hosting provider. The webmaster or blogger should do installing applications, installing os updates, patches,etc. In security part – configuring a firewall, limit server resource access to the public, taking and restoring a backup, fix OS and application level issues, etc.

In a managed VPS hosting a wordpress blogger only think about the stuffs inside a wordpress dashboard. But the same blogger in a unmanaged VPS environment should take care of all the issues related OS , application, security, log monitoring, etc. Actually in a shared web hosting we usually contact technical support team via chat or call for some helps and troubleshooting. And after you moving to unmanaged VPS hosting, you have to all those tasks your your VPS.

Advantages of Unmanaged Web Hosting

  1. Its a kind of thrill for all the skilled bloggers. managing your own server remotely.
  2. You are he only person who have access to the VPS hosting server
  3. Run your most comfortable operating system from the list (if hosting company provided)
  4. You can use your hardware resources as you wish, no one will monitor you
  5. Customise servers and applications as you wish – Full freedom
  6. Much cheaper in cost – As cheap as a shared web hosting cost
  7. Get custom VPS servers with custom hardwares meet your requirements

Get WOW !  DigitalOcean‘s basic VPS plan powered with Cloud including 1CPU core + 512MB RAM + 20GB SSD costs only $5 a month. I’m pretty sure that its much cheaper than your current or previous shared web hosting plans.

Disdvantages of Unmanaged Web Hosting

  1. Need high level server administration skills
  2. Or need a IT Pro for managing monitoring the server performance.
  3. Need to spend more time in initial server configurations and optimising the server/App performance.
  4. Do all the configurations like installing WordPress, Apache, MySQL server, Php, and all via command lice interface.
  5. Do not expect “One click installation” of applications like QuickInstall and Fantastico, etc.
  6. Will not get automated updates and patches from Hosting company.
  7. Take risks of a hack attempt or a security breach.
  8. You may not get a control panel for the administration
  9. Most times you need another test server to test new applications, testing updates, test kernel updates, etc. As you cannot test new things on a server that is in production.

Managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting – Conclusion

Its your decision. here is the Managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting conclusion . i would say if you are very comfortable in server administration and able to handle app install and the security concerns, Unmanaged VPS hosting is the best solution for you. As its cheaper than Managed.

If you are not comfortable in server administration, simply go for a best Managed VPS Web hosting. You will be more comfortable and you can invest all your time in making quality content for blog.

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