Best way to Permanently erase and make Pendrive unrecoverable in Mac OS

To make pendrive unrecoverable in mac is easy with built-in application called “Disk utility”. With disk utility its very easy task to perform. After making pendrive unrecoverable, any data recovery software cannot recover the data from that drive. That means it is permanently deleted for ever. If you have Mac, Do not go for any other software while you have the best app inbuilt with OS X. Below step-by-step guide will help you to make a pendrive unrecoverable in Mac.

Make pendrive unrecoverable in Mac

pendriveOpen the disk utility and plug the USB pen drive or memory card. Then Select the Flash disk in the left side, then select the “erase” tab and then click on the “security options” and select the data deleting security level you want. By selecting the “most secure” option you are making the data unrecoverable for rata recovery applications.  Now click ‘Erase” to start the erase/format on the USB flash/pendrive.

The erasing process may take a long time due to the erasing process is a 7 pass secure erasing mechanism in “Most secure” option. Erasing 2GB pendrive with 7pass secure erase take 45minutes for me.


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