Creating desktop shortcuts on Macintosh

Desktop shortcuts help you to get easy access to applications you use regularly. Shortcuts are very common in Windows operatings systems. Each software installation automaticaly create its desktop shortcut while the installation. Here in this article you will learn to create how to create application desktop shortcuts on your mac computer.

Create application desktop shortcuts on Mac

In Mac, shortcuts are known as “alias”. You can make alias to your favourite applications, files and folder on the desktop to get quicker access.

To create an app desktop shortcut, go to the application folder( /Applications ) and find the software which you need to create a desktop shortcut. Here in this screenshot, i’m creating an alias of Google chrome web browser.create application desktop shortcuts on mac

Step by step guide

  1. Right click on the app and click “Make Alias”
  2. Now an alias or shortcut to that app is created
  3. Drag and drop that alias to your desktop

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