Fastest OS for Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Recently i got a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ computing device from an online shop. Its excellent piece of tiny computer and its fun to do simple projects and working on it. The first thing to do with was to install an operating system on the SD card. And there i found a bunch of operating systems available on the official Raspberry Pi website. I was searching for the best one, but i know there is no perfect OS for your Raspberry (for anything). Each operating system is different to the other and have its own good and bad. i cound test few of them and explaining my experience here in this article. So lets find the Fastest OS for Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

Fastest OS for Raspberry Pi 3 B+

So far i tested 4 GUI based operating systems which are the official Raspbian, OSMC, RISC OS, and Ubuntu mate. I used same class 10 Samsung micro SD card on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I found RISC OS the lightest and fastest in terms of boot speed and application opening and closing speed etc. Its very compact and built for speed when comparing it to the other. Even the boot image is light weight – weighs only 120MB in size. So you can run the RISC OS even from a 2GB SD card.

RISC OS supports most of the Pi versions like Raspberry Pi 1, Pi 2, Pi 3 models B / B+, Compute Module 1 and 3 etc. RISC OS comes with basic Image viewer, PDF viewer, ZIP utility, Web browser, and many others. Check out the complete list of softwares and utilities preinstalled with the operating system

RISC OS on raspberry Pi

Get the official RISC OS image

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