8 Possible ways to improve AdSense CTR

About Click through rate (CTR)

It is the mathematical relationship between ad clicks and ad impressions. CTR is the rate of ad clicks per 100 impressions. If you get 2 clicks on your ads after 100 successful ad impressions, your CTR is 2 percent. Sites all around the world get different CTRs. Say 1%, some sites get 5%, and some others get 10. After getting approved an Adsense account, people start thinking and optimising the ad units to generate maximum revenue from them. There are many factors to get maximum revenue from Google Adsense. Niche, Keywords, Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Thousand impressions (CPM), Page Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM), etc. The Adsense CTR will depends on many factors. Here in this article lets discuss on those factors and possible ways to improve Adsense CTR.

Write quality rich articles

Google loves web pages with text rich contents. Writing original and quality articles is one of the most important thing in my sense to generate more revenue from your website. If you write long and quality articles, your SEO score will improve and also it automatically generate more unique keywords from your article. This helps Google and Adsense to understand what is your content related to. So Google can put more relevant ads on those pages. Of course visitors are more likely to click on those relevant Ads as they are related to the post content.

Place Ads on hot spots

Another way to improve Adsense CTR is understanding the places on your website where visitors spend most of their times. Always try to put an ad above the fold line. Above the fold line is the place where visitors get maximum attention first. Use the sidebars and header area to put advertisements. Most people place ads in between the content to get more attention and click through rate. Avoid putting ads on the footer, where ads get minimum coverage.

adsense ad placement layouts

Image courtesy: Google Adsense

More than that, Try the below successful placements layouts.

  • Rectangle ads on the top of the sidebars
  • Just below the post title
  • bottom of the post content
  • Middle of the post content
  • Near the header logo

Even these are some best practices in putting ads on sites, you should find the best ad placement layouts for your blog by doing continues experiments.

Use plugins like Hotspot Analytics to identify the hot spots/heat maps on your website and improve Adsense CTR.

Choose best ad units and types

These are some successful ad units that gives you the best CPC and revenue amoung all the ad units. Those are the “Recommended” ad units in the adsense create new ads section. Always choose ad units that supports both Desktop and smatphones. So your ad shows well on multi platforms like Desktop, smartphones, Tablets, etc

Some successful Ad units

  • 728×90 Leaderboard
  • 336×280 Large rectangle
  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 300×600 Large Skyscraper
  • 320×100 Large mobile bannergrowth map

Put Multiple Ad units

Always place multiple ad units to maximise the ad coverage. BUT never use more than a limited number of ad units. That will violate the Adsense policies and also will lead google to show nearly zero CPC ads and irrelevant ads on your pages. As per google, the maximum ad units allowed on a static web page is up to 3 Adsense for content units and up to 3 Adsense link ads, and up to 2 Adsense for search on search result page. And use only one 300×600 Large Skyscraper ad unit per page.

Remove other ad networks

Remove all other advertising networks from your website to get maximum attention of visitors on Adsense ad units. Some ad network make conflicts with the Adsense and really effect your Adsense revenue.

Ad text font and colour

Use ad text font and colour that match with your website theme. Many websites use a theme that focused on a colour. Use that colour schemes on the ads, so visitors cannot easily understand those are advertisements, and more likely to click on them suspecting that those are real contents. Use ad backgrounds same as your website background. Use both text and image ads.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is another factor that effect your CRT. Bounce rate is when a visitor come to your website through a search engine and they go back quickly, say within 10 seconds. This is depends on the low page load speed, content is not good as expected, visitor cannot understand the website layout, etc.

If your website has high bounce rate, you actually getting just a page view and an ad impression. But you cannot get an ad click from the bouncing users as they are going  within seconds.

Keep doing Experiments

Final and ultimate tip is to keep doing new experiments on new ad layouts and ad formats. Try all the available ad options to understand visitors taste and mind. If you have many returning visitors, they understand your website layout and identify where are the advertisements where are the content, etc. So always do change the ad layouts and try experiments.


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