Lost my iPhone ! how to track it using Apple ID

Finding a lost iPhone is bit easy if it lost in any streets or you misplaced it somewhere (not stolen). Try find it using your Apple ID. Every apple gadget user must have an Apple ID that linked to their Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc. And now you can trace that iPhone with Apple ID and iCloud. (Works with iPhone 6, 5S, 5, 5C, 4S, etc and iPads and Macbooks)

iCloud HomeiCloud is an Apple service for accessing your iCloud email, Calender, Contacts, iCloud Drive and “Find my iPhone” also. We are going to find your missing iPhone using “Find My iPhone” in iCloud.

How to track lost iPhone with Apple ID (Works without any tracking App)

If the lost iPhone has data connectivity (3G or 4G LTE etc) turned on, GPS turned ON and have enough battery change, i would say we can track it and find it. Now just login to iCloud with your Apple ID. You must login with same Apple ID that linked with the lost iPhone. After loging in to iCloud, open the “Find My iPhone” menu and click on “All Devices” and select your lost iPhone. It should list in that.

Find my iphone using Apple ID

Start finding your iPhone

Now click on your iPhone and trace the exact location using the GPS in your iPhone. Find My iPhone will put the GPS location on a map and you can track the movements also. But the lost iPhone should have an internet connection and GPS turned on. Here in the screenshot it listed my Macbook, and can start locating the position on a map.

how to track lost iphone with apple id

Using Lock, Erase, and playing sound

You can lock your iPhone with a new lock code. The new lock code will replace your regular unlock code, pattern or a touch ID unlock methods. After finding the lost iPhone you can unlock the iPhone with the lock code you set in iCloud.  Erase is another feature. If you have important datas on the lost iPhone, you can do a complete erase of yur iPhone and avaoid misusing your sensitive data by the person who got your lost iPhone. An erased iPhone cannot be tracked and a locked iPhone cannot be erased. Be sure erasing is your final option.

Hope this article helped you in finding your iPhone. You can also use this tracking method to track lost iPad Macbook, iPod, etc.


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