How to test internet speed – Linux command line

This article explains how to test your internet speed in linux command line using one simple command. Most times what you all have is an ssh session to your linux servers. As we all know tool for checking the internet speed in GUI linux and windows versions.

How to test internet speed linux command line

This tutorial should work on all the RPM based linux flavors like Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, etc. Install Follow the step by step below.

First install the package for linux speedtest :  “speedtest-cli”

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo yum -y install speedtest-cli       //for Redhat, CentOS, Fedora//

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo apt-get install speedtest-cli      //for Debian, Ubuntu etc//

After installing the “speedtect-cli” package, run the below linux command to test internet speed

[[email protected] ~]$ speedtect-cli

how to test internet speed linux command line


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