How to find saved WiFi passwords in Mac

find saved wifi password in macFinding your existing wifi passwords from macbook is easy. After connecting to a wifi network, mac will save the password in iCloud keychain. And you can find it easily by accessing iCloud keychain. iCloud Keychain is the place where Mac keep all the passwords, security certificates, notes, etc. And all these passwords will share across all your iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, etc if all those devices are linked to one Apple ID. iCloud keychain will ask your mac default account password to  show saved wifi passwords for security check.

Find saved wifi password in Mac

  1. Open your iCloud keychain by navigating to “Applications” “Utilities” “Keychain access”


  1. Simply search “Keychain access” in Spotlight search.
  2. Open the Keychain and search for the WiFi name  (SSID or WiFi access point name)
  3. Double click on your WiFi name to open it
  4. Click on the “show password” check box and password will appear  (if prompted type your username and password of your macbook)


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