How to disable Recycle bin in Samsung S10

Samsung’s Android Pie smartphones have built in Recycle bin feature for gallery. You can recover deleted images and videos within 15 days time. All the medias will be deleted permanently after that 15 days time frame. The new smartphone from Samsung galaxy S series – the S10 comes Android Pie preinstalled and will have this recycle in feature built in. All older models will get this after updating it to Android Pie. You can either use this recycle bin or disable recycle bin in Samsung S10.

You can access the recycle bin by opening the Gallery and tap on the “three dot menu” on the right top corner and open ‘Trash’. In this folder you can find trashed pictures and videos on Samsung devices. This includes images and video files.

How to disable recycle bin in Samsung S10

This built in feature can de disabled within the gallery app on your device. Open the gallery then tap on the menu (three doted menu), then open “Settings”, then turn off or disable trash in Samsung S10.

Disabling the trash will help you to save the storage space by not saving the deleted items. But always recommended to enable it for recovering data in case of accidental deletion.


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