Free Non Copyrighted Images for your Blogs

High quality images on a website add more interests to the visitor. And more likely to get clicks and page views. Its great if those photos also appears on the Facebook and Twitter shares also. Copying images from Google search and other websites may cause copyright issues. We can say most of the images on the web are copyrighted unless specified as “Free”. Actually there is no way to check whether an image is copyrighted of not.  Its always a best practice to find and use only free non copyrighted images to avoid all these problems. Do not think that images from the “Google Image” are free. NO, you can download and use it, but not for commercial use.

Top 5 Websites that offer free non copyrighted images : One for my favorite website on the web to find high quality free non copyrighted images. Pixabay hosts over 290,000 high resolution images. All the images from Pixabay are free and can be used for both commercial and non commercial use without attribution. Pixabay has a search feature, so you can search with your keywords to find your one. : Rich source of high resolution free non copyrighted images. All the images on Morguefile is also hosts thousands of free stock images that free for both commercial and non-commercial use. also have search functionality and category wise image browse non copyrighted images Another great source of free high quality stock images. All the images in are free and you can do whatever you want with those images. free for commercial use also. But the search functionality is really missing in : Free mages for your commercial and non-commercial use. All the images in PicJumbo are high quality and high resolutioned. You can download images without any subscription or sign ups. : Another source of high quality free non copyrighted images free for commercial use also. You ac browse category wise to navigate to your taste.

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