Creating a Sticky/Floating sidebar widget while scrolling – WordPress

Sticky or static sidebar widgets gets higher attentions to visitors. That will stay on the sidebar while you scroll down. And that lead to high attention rate on the widgets and links. With Static widgets, you can fill blank sidebar spaces while scrolling down in lengthy articles. You can make your social follow widgets  and make it static to get more followers. Hope you read my previous article about Properly configuring the W3 Total Cache plugin for fast cached browsing.

Plugin for floating sidebar widget wordpress

Here in this article we discuss about a wordpress plugin “Q2W3 Fixed widget” that work greatly to “freeze” the sidebar widget while scrolling down. Plugin works with any of the widgets in WordPress. With this plugin you can make more than one widget sticky/float on the sidebar.

Installing Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Installing is a very straight forward process. No more complications. In wordpress dashboard, navigate to “Plugins” > “Add new” and search for “Q2W3 Fixed Widget” and install and then activate.

Configuring Floating/Sticky behaviour

floating sidebar widget wordpressYou can see newly added menu called “Fixed widget options” under “Appearance” in WordPress dashboard. There you can change the settings like margin from top and bottom, sidebar width, widget refresh intervals, etc.

Make a widget Float/sticky

floating sidebar widget wordpressSimply go to Appearance > Widgets and open any of your active Widget and tick the checkbox called “Fixed widget” to make that widget static and sticky while scrolling down. Simple, and save the widget. Now browse your blog to check the floating widget working live.

Make sure to clear the cache if you use any caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

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