Download and install vmware tools in Ubuntu 14.10 Server

This is step by step how to guide to download and install vmware tools in Ubuntu 14.10 Virtual machine. (Also know as Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn) server. Follow this step if you are using ESXi version 4.0 or higher with vSphere client.

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This article is written for installing vmware tools on Ubuntu on ESXi/vSphere virtualization. It also works perfectly with VMware Workstation, VMware fusion and Vmware player as well.

First Update your Ubuntu server

Follow the two commands to update currently installed packages to latest version.

sudo apt-get -y update

sudo apt-get -y upgrade

Download VMware fools for Ubuntu 14.10 (Work with ESXi, Fusion, Workstation, etc)

In vSphere ESXi virtualization environments, open the vSphere client and and connect to your ESXi host of vCenter server. From the list of virtual machines, select The Ubuntu server which you need to install vmware tools in ubuntu server. And now right click on it and navigate to  “Guest” -> “Install/upgrade vmware tools”.

This will download correct version of vmware tools iso for Ubuntu server and mount it on the /dev/cdrom directory in your ubuntu server.Ubuntu Logo

Installing VMware tools on Ubuntu server 14.10 in command line

After downloading the vmware tools you may look into the /dev/cdrom. but Oops !! the location does not exist. Don’t worry Follow steps below.

lets mount the /dev/cdrom into /media/cdrom. Follow the command below

sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

mount: /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only

(You may get a command output like above one,  just discard that message..)

Now all the files in the downloaded ISO will mounted on /media/cdrom.  As we got the message above, the /media/cdrom is a read only directory. We cannot extract the vmware tools tar file inside that. So lets make a new folder in any other location and copy that .tar file from /media/cdrom to that directory (i create /home/sreekanth/vmtools ,  you just create a folder under your server username )

mkdir /home/sreekanth/vmtools

sudo cp /media/cdrom/VMwareTools-9.2.2-893683.tar.gz /home/sreekanth/vmtools

sudo umount /dev/cdrom                            (now its safe to un-mount /dev/cdrom)

sudo tar zxf VMwareTools-9.2.2-893683.tar.gz

(Now the above command will extract the VMwareTools-x-x-xx-xx.tar.gz into a new folder called vmware-tools-distrib )

Install vmware tools in Ubuntu 14.10 Server

cd /home/sreekanth/vmtools/vmware-tools-distrib

sudo ./

Now respond to the configuration questions. Just press enter to accept the default values or input your desired values to make changes in configuration. Hope you successfully installed vmware tools on your brand new Ubuntu server..

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