Do you know Mac will logout automatically after long time of inactivity

Do you know mac have a default settings that it will automaticaly logout after particular time periods. Most times it will disturb you. When you doing something important work, meanwhile you may leave the laptop on the table and doing some other works. And when you come back after 30 or 40 minutes you see the mac logged out automatically and Oops ! all your opened windows and works that are in progress are lost.

Disable automatic logout Mac

Here is the solution to disable it or set the mac automatic logout time to a long period.

  • Click on the Apple menu and..
  • Open the “System preference”
  • Open “Security and Privacy”
  • Select the “General” Tab and open “Advanced”
  • Uncheck the box “Logout after XX minutes of inactivity” or keep it enabled but set to a longer time. (Gives more security for your Mac)

Disable automatic logout mac

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