Create your own light-weight social “Follow us” widget for WordPress blog

You should avoid too many plugins in your WordPress blog. Having too many plugins make the website slow in page load speeds and effect your SEO rankings also. Most times plugins use its own javascript files and CSS files. A blog or website having more and more java script and CSS files will go down in Google’s SEO rankings. Thats the reason why you should avoid too many plugins in WordPress

This a simple and fast loading social follow us widget includes a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Feed. The code is pretty simple as you can customise the code to make changes in the Social icons and page addresses. The code is here in below and follow the steps to Create social follow us widget WordPress and download link here for social icons.

Create social follow us widget WordPress

First just go to WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to “Appearance” “Widgets” and create a new “Text” widget and simply put the code below.

Make sure you edit the urls of the social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) and also edit to your own Facebook page, google plus page and twitter page, etc.

Download 32×32 Social website logos

Get the 32×32 sized facebook, twitter, google+ and RSS feed free images here and upload to your website’s root folder. And edit the html code with the image address pointing to the image uploaded into the root folder.



<div align=”center”>
<a href=”″ target=”blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”Facebook” >
<a href=”” target=”blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”Twitter”>
<a href=”” target=”blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”Google+”>
<a href=”” target=”blank”>
<img src=”” alt=”Feeds”>


<!– edit All the LINKS to your own –>


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