How to create ics Calendar file in Mac

We usually invite people for events by sending emails with the event details like date, time and location etc written in the email body.  But sending the same event as a calendar link/file (.ics) will be more handy for them. So they can add the event to their calendars, so they can see the event in calendar, will get reminders as well.

This article explains how to create calendar file (.ics)on your mac computer (works on Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, etc). You can use this method for creating events and appointments on mac and sent to others. Follow the steps below.

Open calendar app on your Mac first and create the event/appointment on your system first. Add all the required details like Event name, date, timings, location, website link, etc. Right click on the date which you want to schedule the event and click “New Event”.

create ics file 1

create ics file 2

You have added all the required details to the event and saved it now. Right click the event and click on “Mail Event”.

create ics file 3

create ics file mac

Now you can see the ics file (calendar file) is attached to the newly composed email. You can send the email to anyone or save the ics file for future mailings. This ics file will work on Mac calendar app, Microsoft outlook calendar, etc.

Reference : Apple documentation

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