Google’s Contributor project for Ad free internet browsing

“Contributor by google” is a new experiment project by Google for an ad free internet browsing experience for the end users. We mostly see many kind of advertisements on most of the web pages in internet. Actually that is the income for all those website makers and its back end team. You can also find advertisements on DigitPAGE also. With the new “Contributor by Google” project people can pay a few dollars (only 1 to three dollars a month) in advance and experience the ad free internet browsing. And website maker will get a portion of your money from Google. So the visitors can support the website developers directly for the effort for showcasing the useful information.

As a result websites can make the content rich and ad free web pages and present to the visitors. Visitors will not get any pop up advertisements, wait times, ad banners, floating ad units, etc. If you are a visitor and paid for the ad free browsing, just login to your google account in the browser, and start browsing. You only see a thanks note for contributing the project in enabled sites in the place of advertisements.

Contributor by Google

If you having a website or blog, can participate in “Contributor by Google” project and join the ad free internet mission. Click on the link below to participate in “Contributor by Google” project. Websites like Wall street journal, Mashable, Wiki How, etc already joined the experiment.

Source: Google


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