How to change country and currency in App Store – iPhone

To change currency in App Store, Change your country and address in the iTunes Store. People travel internationally but the location change will not automatically effect in the currency format in the App Store. You still struck on your old currency to purchase applications. Purchasing in non local currency will charge conversion charges. So do it now. Follow the step by step guide.

Change currency in App Store.

You need to change country in iTunes Store, So it will take effect on the App Store and all associated apps and devices.

  1. Euro currencyOpen “iTunes” and click on “iTunes Store” (on the top right corner)
  2. On the top left corner click on the “Sign In” and login to your Apple ID (if your are already signed in, proceed to step 3)
  3. Under the “QUICK LINKS” click on “Account”
  4. Change the “country/Region” under Apple ID Summary
  5. Now open “App Store”; navigate to “Store” > “Sign out” and sign in again
  6. You are done

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