This is how to move WhatsApp conversations to your new Android

You may think about backup and restore WhatsApp messages either after you getting a new smartphone or after reseting your phone to factory defaults. These days most people frequently upgrade their smartphone to a latest one. And they all do backup and restore all the files and datas to the new one. Most of the applications keep the data in their servers and retrieve everything when we login to a new device. Unlike Whatsapp, Apps like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will do it. But WhatsApp delete messages from their servers after delivering to application.

Backup and restore WhatsApp in Android

So you you going to move entire whatsapp chat history to a new Android. To do so follow the steps. Steps are simple but i added detailed notes on each steps.

Backup WhatsApp conversationsbackup and restore whatsapp

First backup all your Whatsapp conversations from old Android. To generate latest backup, open the Whatsapp application open “Settings” and then open “Chat settings”. Now touch on the “Backup conversations” to create a latest conversation backup as on now. (Whatsapp also do automaticaly backup all your chat logs at 4:00 am everyday). The manual backup will overwrite any previous automated one. The backup will be generated and saved to the external SD card or Internal memory (in phones with no memory card). The location will be in “WhatsApp” folder in the memory card. (/mnt/sdcard/WhatsApp)

Move WhatsApp backup to new Android

Before installing or configuring WhatsApp application on the new Android, Copy the entire “WhatsApp” folder from old android and paste to the new android in the same location as in the old Android. ( As /mnt/sdcard/WhatsApp ).  You should copy each and every files in the “WhatsApp” folder. Application may lock some of the files and prevent reading it. Better to shutdown your old android and copy the “WhatsApp” folder contents.backup and restore whatsapp

Install WhatsApp and Restore the backup

Now start installing the WhatsApp in the new android and configure start the configuration. Use the same mobile number used in the backup process. While configuring WhatsApp on new android, it will automatically find backup in the memory card and as you to restore. Once restored, all your previous chat history will start appearing on the new Android.



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