Android Lollipop Encryption data security

Last week we discussed about all the Coolest features you musk know in Android Lollipop.  Now Android Lollipop is the most secure android version released yet. All the previous versions of android operating systems offered an optional encryption. And now the latest version Android 5.0 Lollipop (also known as Android L) comes with encryption turned on by default. That means the encryption is turned on and all the data in it and about to add/save will also encrypted.

Lollipop comes encryption pre-activated

As i mentioned above, all the new Lollipop devices comes encryption pre activated. Android 5.0 Lollipop devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc) use hardware based encryption technology. So its impossible to crack the encryption by accessing the phone storage via a PC and attempt to crack the passcode files saved. Like Lollipop, iOS 8 and Windows 8.1 also comes with Encryption turned on by default.

Lollipop encryption Benefits

Android Lollipop Encryption data security come in handy when you loose your phone or stolen by someone. And the person who get your phone cannot read or get the data in it without knowing the phone unlock passcode. Passcode is you normally type to unlock the screen a 4 digit code (minimum 4 digits). Encryption will give more data security for business users.

What data will encryptAndroid Lollipop security

All the sensitive datas. Lollipop encrypt all your internet accounts like google, yahoo, facebook, whatsapp, etc. Your email addresses and passwords associated with every account will encrypt. All your Apps and its datas/media files required by the app will encrypt. It gives App level security.

Android Lollipop Encryption data security

BlackHole: FBI director James Comey says Android Lollipop Encryption data security will be a black hole in security of civilians. Security agencies and officers cannot read encrypted data from devices and will be a security concern.


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