Acer Laptop with 4K display Features – Acer V-Nitro Black edition laptops with 4K display

Acer launched their first 4K display laptop. And it will start shipping this month for $1500 USD price. The 4K display war is started from apple after launching their latest iMac with 5K screen resolution. Acer just announced their V-Nitro Black edition 15.6 inch display which boasts a wide screen 3840×2140 pixels 4K resolution. Which is far higher than the 1080p full HD displays and haing a pixel per inch density of 282PPI. Acer 4k laptop gives you amazing visuals, movies, gaming and graphics enabled applications. The acer laptop with 4k display will be ideal for gamers and graphics editing professionals. Acer V Nitro series also have a power packed hardware features.

Acer Laptop with 4K display Features

The acer laptop with 4k display features including hardwares including quad core processor i7 intel processor, 256GB SSD along with 1TB normal HDD and 16GB of RAM. Which is a fully power packed hardware ready for the new battle. When it comes to gaming, the Acer 4k display will handle upto 60PFS 4k resolution gaming visuals.

acer laptop with 4k display features

acer 4k laptop features a graphics is powered by GeForce GTX 860M dedicated graphics card. Which having 2GB DDR5 Memory technology that will process the sharp and crystal clear visuals for the user.


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