How to access windows shared folder from Mac

Transferring files from a windows PC to a Mac is pretty simple with a network connection. If you already have a shared folder on a Windows PC, Mac’s finder can mount that shared folder. Windows’ folder sharing service use SMB (Server Message Block), which is a Windows’ native file sharing protocol. And Mac do fully support Windows’ SMB protocol and you can mount it on Mac.

Access windows shared folder from Mac

To access windows shared folder from mac, first connect both Mac and Windows PC to the same LAN and make sure both can communicate each other. Use ping each other to test the connectivity. Works with all the windows

Now on your Mac, open Finder from the dock. From the menu click on the “Go” and then click on “Connect to Server” and type the windows PC’s ip address in the following format

smb://<ip address>/<Folder>/<Folder>/

If you dont know the shared folder name, simply type smb://<ipaddress>/

access windows shared folder from mac

After typing the windows PC’s ip address & shared folder details, click connect. Now type a username and password of a user account in Windows PC. That user must have full permission over the shared folder to read/write in the folder.

access windows shared files from mac

Tick the checkbox “Remember this password in my keychain”. So Keychain application will remember the credentials and can avoid re typing it again.

share files from windows to mac

Now you are connected. A shortcut will be automatically created on the desktop. So whats next ? Start transferring files from windows to mac now.


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